Personal motto - Citius, Altius, Fortius

Steve Roberts (Robbo) is a dynamic and assertive leader, prioritising health through Fitter After Forty aiming to help men improve their well-being.

Driven by a love for his children and a passion for making a positive impact on people's lives, he provides wisdom, fueled by ideals of decisiveness and loyalty.

Balancing privacy with responsibility, Robbo is dependable and professional.

An excellent leader, he swiftly completes projects, achieving ambitious goals. Steve embodies confidence, power, and an analytical mindset, emphasising creativity, gratitude, and a perpetual love for learning.

Committed to positive global impact, he manages his business for financial freedom and purpose and likes to have a laugh. Steve maintains respectable fitness and spirituality levels, reflecting a multifaceted and balanced life.

After graduating from Charles Sturt University in Bathurst in 2000, he became certified as a legitimate health and fitness professional. Since then, he's played 200+ rugby union games in 4 countries, walked Kokoda on 9 occasions, and boxed as a professional cruiserweight.

Since 2017, Steve has been coaching online using the Ready, Set, Go system, a tested and reworked architecture developed over 23 years known as Fast Track 90.

He's helped hundreds of men over 40 in 7 countries, lose up to 25 kg in less than 90 days. This innovative technique addresses weight and fitness challenges, tackling obstacles like a lack of healthy plans, accountability, and a proven approach. The goal is to empower men to influence their homes and communities, achieve their ideal fitness, and lead a healthy, impactful lifestyle for future generations to follow.

Age 8 - Pretending to be Sir Donald Bradman


In the beginning...

Growing up in the outback shaped my childhood profoundly. My dad, a vet, fulfilled his dream of owning land with a 'dirt block' north-east of Enngonia. Life on our vast property involved chasing pigs, shooting kangaroos, and assisting with various chores like sheep work, fencing, and maintenance. Amidst the expansive 20,480 acres, we enjoyed a rich childhood—playing games with siblings, exploring on motorbikes and horses, and relishing the amenities like a tennis court and swimming pool.

​Dad always made time for winding down with activities like tennis and exercise, instilling in us values of sportsmanship—fairness, teamwork, respect, leadership, and conflict resolution. These early years in the Australian outback laid the foundation for a strong sense of family, fun, and the importance of physical activity which I later converted to higher selections in the sport of Rugby Union.

Age 24 - Captaining NSW Country



In the exhilarating year of 2000, my sporting journey continued with an unwavering desire to conquer the rugby union world, fueled by childhood dreams of donning the Wallabies jersey. Overcoming doubts as a teenager, I pursued this passion, driven by the internal fire to play in front of massive crowds and the external allure of a rewarding life as a professional sportsman. Simultaneously, I charted a course at university, immersing myself in Human Movement studies with the goal of leaving a mark in the Health & Fitness industry or as a Health & Physical Education teacher.

Guided by my father's mentorship and encounters with key 'father figures,' I embraced adventure through travel and singlehood. These experiences molded me into the assertive leader I am today, relentlessly following my heart and heeding the call of a purposeful life. The echoes of my journey resonate with resilience, decisiveness, and an enduring commitment to impact, propelling me forward with the same passion that ignited it all.

Age 32 - Professional boxing at the Convention Centre, Brisbane



In 2008, I shifted from being an aspiring rugby player to navigating the complexities of employment and entrepreneurship. Fueled by a desire to escape trading time for money, I ventured into online courses amid the global financial crisis. The next decade brought a see-saw journey, defining my niche and moulding me into a resilient, purpose-driven leader. Starting my first business during the Global Economic Crisis had it's challenges and to test my mettle, I had 10 professional boxing matches with my final one as a 41-year old.

Holding Alby Roberts in New Farm Park, Brisbane



In 2014, the arrival of our son, Albert, sparked a transformative epiphany, redirecting my priorities. I shifted my focus from a traditional career to the dream of creating an online business for freedom from the corporate grind.

Over the next nine years, I embraced a "tree change," returning to my country roots.
Resolute in avoiding the conventional brick-and-mortar business model, I ventured into online health coaching, specialising in guiding men in their 40s—a demographic I intimately relate to—aiming to deliver unparalleled value.

Day 1 for Alby with my wife Katharine and baby Poppy (6 weeks)



The initiation phase of my own personal awakening happened. I made a mature decision to ensure financial security as the head of sport at a private school—a seemingly lifelong opportunity. Balancing my job with the fading ambition of becoming an online health coach posed challenges, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The climax arrived as I courageously departed my secure position, sold our house, and relinquished societal status, protesting against government rules. The true adversary surfaced—myself, doubting my skills and resourcefulness. Over the next three years, I applied the lessons learned, achieving freedom from self-reliance and tapping into traditional wisdom. Navigating this awakening, I reshaped relationships, embracing like-minded friends. The culmination is the birth of an online business, empowering men over 40 to transform both mind and body.



I've launched an impactful online course that transforms men's lives by adopting my system. The journey begins with a modern masculine initiation—fasting and eliminating weaknesses like alcohol, drugs, smoking, junk food, overeating, porn, and excessive social media. The movement is thriving, with success stories pouring in from my 5-day challenge and ongoing coaching. Witnessing men achieve their goal weight and become their fittest selves fuels my mission. If change is on your mind, a simple call can be your first step towards becoming the warrior and man you're destined to be.


I don't consider myself special; it's all about hard work and an unwavering commitment to my freedom as a sovereign human being. I'm a man of my word, dedicated to honoring the Roberts name and legacy until my last breath. My journey is fueled by humility and a steadfast determination to uphold family values and personal principles.


I don't consider myself special; it's all about hard work and an unwavering commitment to my freedom as a sovereign human being. I'm a man of my word, dedicated to honoring the Roberts name and legacy until my last breath. My journey is fueled by humility and a steadfast determination to uphold family values and personal principles.

"Tough times don't last, tough people do"


I am fortunate to have had instilled in me the joy of sport, movement and a likening to discipline, which I often take for granted. My DNA is linked to a physique that is mesomorphic and athletic, so I am lucky. The unfortunate experience of losing my father so young has motivated me to be healthy and not take life for granted, given that anything can happen even if you are fit. I make time to work on my health when I know I could be doing other things or doing nothing. But I made a promise to myself: don't quit!

Now, do you give up your destiny for a promise that you made? Even in the lowest of lows, I know we can all dig deep and live our destiny to do something great, but sometimes we can be held back for the wrong reasons. And when you own your beliefs, you will not love yourself or be loved for what you will become if don't at least try. Wherever there is air to breathe, you have a chance to be what you can.

About Fitter After Forty (FA40)​

Core Promise and Benefits

I help overweight and tired businessmen and company owners look better naked, lose at least 10kg in 90 days with my straight line 3-step system. This is for men who have to get results and want them now at velocity.

For Our Clients

We have 1 community (Fast Track-90 (FT90)) & 1 upgrade option (MAF).

What’s My Core?​

I create for my community, I coach on the weekly calls and fitness app, I consult on Skool and I mentor on Zoom. I curate and demonstrate these actions to help men who are over 40, look good naked.

What’s In It?

FA40 delivered in 3 components: Content, Community and Customisation


  • ​Content is the training portal for the video’s, templates, downloads and anything else you need to get the result. (Skool & Trainerize)
  • Community for everyone to get together and supported (Skool)
  • Customisation delivered (Zoom) for Group and 1:1 calls.

We provide everything someone needs to get the promised result.

Those who wish to go faster or have a higher level of access, opt for Tier 2 while getting everything in Tier 1.

Tier 2 can include Done For You components, your existing coaching program or packages of hours.

Fast Track-90 Model


Your investment in FT90 or upgrade into The MAF uses my Pay As You Gain model, which makes it ridiculously easy to get started.

This rate will be grandfathered for life and not be subject to future price increases.

How long is it?

12 months.
This plan allows us to maximise lifetime value on a pathway that makes sense to most of our clients.

Love It Or Leave It

Fitter After Forty is a community. Not a hostage situation.
You can leave anytime.

If you leave, you are unable to rejoin for 12 months.