BENEFIT: This is a 28-day quest to overcome fears and doubts to break through the yo-dieting weight gain challenges men over 40 face, to lose up to 10 kgs with Steve Roberts’ 28-Day Shred (28DS).

LEARN: Guided by your private mentor during weekly check-ins with a group of like-minded men to help overcome problems alone, this is an opportunity to reclaim your vitality, and embark on a pattern to build consistency.

​TOOLS: Follow this groundbreaking 28-day model which saves you time through the healthy eating practices, fasting, using biohacks that compliment fat-burning exercise routines. Course recordings and resources available to learn at your own pace.


BENEFIT: Cross the threshold by following an efficient transformation using a 3-step system designed from 20+ years of expertise for men over 40, to fast track your results through rapid weight loss goals, increased energy, and a revitalized mojo. Higher level of coaching gives the biggest outcome and growth hacking takes time.

LEARN: Guided by your private mentor during weekly check-ins to learn the key foundational pillars: Model, Connect, Process. Receive support for 12 months after you sign-up, not just the initial 90 days.

- Model: Time-saving strategies.
- Connect: Facilitating meaningful change.
- Process: Equipping with skills and tools, providing a blueprint for a healthy life.

TOOLS: 90-day course to learn the fundamentals to be Fitter After Forty: Ready, Set, Go.

- Get Ready: Undergo bootcamp, learn fasting, and eliminate obstacles during a transformative 21-day masculine initiation.
- Set: Break barriers in weight and well-being, merging newfound knowledge with ancestral masculine values.
- Go: Craft and optimize a massive action plan, maintaining your new body effortlessly, conquering challenges fearlessly with the fast track-90 system.

BONUS: Fasting supplements, monthly private calls, home visit (within 500km) and transformation reveal.