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Steve Roberts from Fitter After Forty

Are you tired of complex diets and fitness routines that don't deliver results? My approach, centered around the proven benefits of intermittent fasting, is tailored to help you become a better version of yourself - stronger, clearer-minded and leaner. Discover a simple, sustainable method that's not just about shedding kilos but enhancing your overall quality of life.

Join the ranks of over 2,000 men who've transformed their lives by following my methods. Nearly all my clients lose 10kg in the first 90 days of working together, why not you?

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BENEFIT: Cross the threshold by following an efficient transformation using a 3-step system designed from 20+ years of expertise for men over 40, to fast track your results through rapid weight loss goals, increased energy, and a revitalized mojo. Higher level of coaching gives the biggest outcome and growth hacking takes time.

LEARN: Guided by your private mentor during weekly check-ins to learn the key foundational pillars: Model, Connect, Process. Receive support for 12 months after you sign-up, not just the initial 90 days.

- Model: Time-saving strategies.
- Connect: Facilitating meaningful change.
- Process: Equipping with skills and tools, providing a blueprint for a healthy life.

TOOLS: 90-day course to learn the fundamentals to be Fitter After Forty: Ready, Set, Go.

- Get Ready: Undergo bootcamp, learn fasting, and eliminate obstacles during a transformative 21-day masculine initiation.
- Set: Break barriers in weight and well-being, merging newfound knowledge with ancestral masculine values.
- Go: Craft and optimize a massive action plan, maintaining your new body effortlessly, conquering challenges fearlessly with the fast track-90 system.

BONUS: Fasting supplements, monthly private calls, home visit (within 500km) and transformation reveal.


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Lost 25 kg in three months.


Ex rugby player gets back to his playing weight.


Recovered from an operation to return stronger.