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Saturday, March 16, 2024

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This is how I did it, and how you can do it too.

Just look over my shoulder.

I’ve been injured

I couldn't play

And it wasn’t because I wasn't active; it happened moving the acetylene tanks while working as a TA at the old 3M factory in St Marys. 1999.

It cost me a spot in Prems back when I was playing rugger in Sydney.

Did my back and out for a few weeks. It set me back mentally and further from the dream to make the Tahs.

Furthering doubt about my goals and eventually convincing myself that life was better playing bush footy. I’ve learned the cost.

There is a cost and mistakes are made.

Even the wee ones in the park playing, testing themselves and falling, but not failing.

Happens in our teens and we learn by doing, not holding back.

Personal transformation is always about what it costs at some point.

When you stop drinking, it's about the current cost.

Your highest cost could cost you; business, job or demotion because of costs.

Loss relationship and status

Addiction and low energy means you don’t think.

You can lose your status, which affects your income.

People who have businesses have more to lose…

If it's your mindset that slows you down, find where it is on the map and follow it until it stops at a red light.

Find that problem in your life.

Put your thumb on it and focus on why it makes you feel uncomfortable and what you can do better to send that bubble of doubt or regret in your life.

Keep unpacking where it's at.

Is stress sabotaging your life like the 7 dwarves coming into your personality from all angles?

Bashful one minute. Doc the next...

Grumpy in the morning and Happy in the afternoon

There's a consequence…

As a business owner, you are driving into work, you got angry on the way and you’ve got a bit in front of you which you don’t think you can get through.

Fact is that you don’t run the same operating system as you did in your 30s.

If you're looking to upgrade your Meat Operating System (Body), start with less - use fasting.

Hit the red button!

I help dudes ready, set, go.​

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Steve Roberts

Founder of Fitter After Forty